What’s new in Mashery

Latest advancements to help you uncover insights for faster decision-making

06 / 2017

Search for APIs and Packages

Find that needle in a haystack. Now you can search for API or endpoint definitions, methods, API packages, and API Plans

Support Role

This new role allows your support team to see your APIs, but does not allow edit privileges. This enables better troubleshooting without the risk of someone making unwanted changes.

05 / 2017

Mashery Local 4.1

General bug fixes, Docker support improvements and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SDK 2.0 that provides an improved custom processor development environment.

Import Swagger 2.0 Specification (Open API Initiative)

We now support import of Swagger 2.0 specifications, automatically creating Mashery endpoints as part of the import. Supported in both the Control Center and the Mashery V3 API.

03 / 2017

Enriched Call Log Export

Customers can now receive low-level API transaction details via automated, ongoing exports. Log file data has been joined with Mashery metadata related to packages, plans, and services; to reduce complexity and improve data analytics capabilities.

02 / 2017

Integration with API Fortress

Mashery now supports integration with API Fortress to provide extended API testing capabilities. Login to your Mashery account from within API Fortress, and create a test automatically by just importing your I/O Docs.

01 / 2017

Platform Quality & Stability

Improvements were made to enhance platform quality and stability, delivering one of the most significant bug fix releases that we’ve ever done, in terms of scope and breadth.

11 / 2016

Container Based Deployment

Mashery Local now supports deployment to any cloud environment that supports Docker containers, such as Amazon Web Services or Azure. This makes it much easier to incorporate into leading edge IT architecture and dev-ops practices.

On-Premise Secrets Management

Mashery Local 4.0 now enables on-premise control of SSL termination and secrets management, no longer requiring that this be done exclusively in the Mashery SaaS environment.

Modern Administration Experience

We have introduced a more visually appealing white background for the API Control Center instead of the traditional dark one. The color scheme matches with the rest of the products offered by TIBCO cloud services and provides a more unified UI experience.

10 / 2016

Quick Access to Area Information

Added a link to the API Control Center which allows you to see, at a glance, critical information needed to use the Mashery V3 API. Additionally, the Control Center now displays which Mashery Area, i.e. tenancy, you are managing, which is important if you have multiple areas, e.g. ones for both production and development.

Integrated Links to Portal, Documentation and Support

Remembering important sites and applications is the last thing you want to do when managing your API program. Now you can access, through the API Control Center, links to your developer portal, to the on-line documentation and the Mashery Support site.

09 / 2016

Mashery Local 3.1.1 enhancements

For Mashery Local we have added a few operational capabilities related to storage and permissions. We have also made it easier to manage unbounded growth of database logs by introducing a backup/restore process with log rotation and removal.

08 / 2016

Enhanced Developer Segmentation

A feature, previously referred to as Roles or Custom Roles has been redefined as Portal Access Groups. This allows grouping of developers for the purpose of exposing different content to them while visiting the portal. Portal Access Groups can be created and managed uniquely with the area and the organizations, enabling sophisticated capabilities for partner segmentation.

API Sharing across Teams and Organizations

Shared services and APIs can now be created and managed in a secure way, with specific individuals managing them, but easily shared, or re-used, by other teams and organizations, but maintaining administrative control.

API Team Support

With the new Distributed API Management feature it’s possible to create multiple administrative organizations in a Mashery area that map to different business units, groups or teams in your company. This provides the option to manage API programs independently of each other, and to do so in a much more secure way, managing multiple defined sets of users and permissions .

Simplified Access to Mashery V3 API

Added the TIBCO Mashery Connector for TIBCO Simplr™, providing a simple way to pull developer data out of Mashery, previously only accomplished using the Mashery API. Now you can do things like pull out developer data and put into a Marketo app or a Google spreadsheet or drive a SurveyMonkey product feedback process. All without programming!

06 / 2016

Enhanced Developer Management User Experience

We have created a new and improved User Management experience for our API Control Center. The new user management screens will enable you to create, maintain and manage users, applications, package keys and roles with greater ease. The new user interface provides a much better visual experience, new search and filter controls and a more intuitive way of navigating our control center.

OAuth2 protected Reporting API

Reporting API resources are now available through the V3 interface. With the OAuth2 protection of the V3 API, these tools and applications can be used by your admins, business analysts and other data-hungry stakeholders without compromising your API program. The API docs are available at support.mashery.com

Developer Management REST APIs

This is the V3 APIs that lets you make REST calls to manage the Members, Applications, Roles and Package Keys within the API Control Center. The RESTful interface is much easier to interact with and your developers, looking to deliver custom functionality or integrations with the Mashery API, should find it quicker to develop against. The API docs are available at support.mashery.com

API Management REST APIs

This is the V3 APIs that lets you make REST calls to manage your APIs, Packages, Plans and IO Docs. This API is OAuth2 protected, promoting secure sharing of tools and applications to manage your API program. Additionally, the APIs are optimized for DevOps, making it easy to integrate Mashery into your overall API lifecycle processes. The API docs are available at support.mashery.com