Tapping New Developer Segment to Bring Innovation Back to Financial Services


In industries wrought with established legacy systems and evolutionary growth, implementing a revolutionary approach to distribution and innovation can be challenging. However, smaller businesses are nimble enough to rise to this challenge, as EDGAR Online, Inc., is doing with its new open API strategic initiative.

The financial data company is harnessing the speed and agility of its APIs to transform its distribution model and reach new audiences – developers. EDGAR is poised to showcase its first open and free financial data platform to third-party developers at South by Southwest in March 2014.

Learn why EDGAR has made the decision to transform its API strategy and how it plans to engage with and foster the developer community.

This webinar will cover:

  • The three major lessons learned on implementing an open API program primed for developer engagement
  • Why opening data via APIs is a competitive differentiator
  • How to apply the principles of API Management for scalability and simplicity of services and data for the Internet of Things
  • How to achieve internal buy-in to implement a digital strategy that disrupts a traditionally closed industry