The Secrets to Fueling Digital Innovation in the Healthcare Ecosystem


The fevered pace of digital innovation has created new challenges and opportunities for the healthcare industry. Companies across the ecosystem are facing increased pressure to deliver on new solutions that create operating efficiencies, meet raising consumer expectations, comply with mandates established in new federal legislation regarding PHI, and meet a variety of other strategic goals! The increasingly preferred method for capitalizing on these objectives is to utilize a development framework based on well-managed application programming interfaces (APIs).

Watch our guest speaker, Forrester Research Senior Analyst and healthcare veteran, Peter Mueller, as he discusses the evolution of API adoption for digital initiatives in the healthcare ecosystem with Mashery Platform Strategist Tameez Sunderji.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the maturity curve of API programs in healthcare
  • Why companies are using APIs with greater frequency than ever before
  • Why a platform-based approach is ideal for advancing digital innovation
  • Real world use cases of varying API program types