Enhancing the IoT Experience with API Management


As the "things" in our world grow ever more connected, opportunities abound to make the physical world more intelligent. However, optimizing these connections to maximize business value without compromising security or increasing overhead can be a major challenge. Brivo Labs, named a Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management by Gartner, uses its SAM API to bring contextual cloud-based security to physical things, which solves real business pains while delivering excellent end-user experiences. In order to propel these IoT connections to the next level, companies like Brivo Labs recognize that a key to innovation in the space is creating a superior developer experience so that developers can build previously unimaginable applications. Brivo Labs’ General Manager Lee Odess will discuss how the cloud-based security company achieved buy-in to expand the business to IoT and how APIs are the key thread seamlessly connecting digital assets with physical things.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why APIs are the key agility layer connecting things and the cloud with your data
  • How to achieve buy-in and rationalize costs associated with launching an API program and strategy
  • A real-life use case of how a business opened its APIs with a concrete monetization model geared toward revenue
  • Why creating an optimal developer experience is key to engaging developers and spurring innovation and usage of your APIs
  • Interactive Q&A