API Enable Your Business Best Practices Across Lifecycle


Recently there has been the buzz of the “API economy” and the “internet of things.”  However, organizations have been experiencing this transformation for years.  This ability to participate in the "API economy" allows for a more seamless and efficient way to do business with customers and partners.  In addition, the impact on internal business operations have been even greater. 

Join HCL and Intel Services for this webinar where we’ll discuss executing an API program from beginning to end.  We’ll start with the strategic needs of your business to supporting the API lifecycle.  Learn how to enable your own organization to participate in the API economy.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Identifying the business and technical needs for an API driven business
  • How to design your endpoints and response structure
  • How to support the API lifecycle
  • How to ensure success with a strong developer ecosystem