Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era - Kyle Armbrester, athenahealth


About this video

Kyle Armbrester, Director of Business Development at athenahealth, discusses how opening the athenahealth platform to third-party developers has enabled the company to offer their clients a comprehensive and impactful suite of specialized, value-added services. Armbrester further explains how the company’s open API strategy and client revenue sharing agreement has created a fortuitous cycle that benefits their entire ecosystem.

Key Points

  • Understand why it is necessary to establish your platform goals, maintain internal buy-in, and understand the API landscape before developing your platform strategy
  • Learn multiple approaches to engaging, retaining, and managing partners, depending on your business goals through practical examples
  • How to tailor and prepare your portal to ease the onboarding process and fuel your API's success

"We looked at areas where our product was falling short or areas that we saw we weren’t making a material impact on, and we chose to expose those areas to allow third-parties to come in and drive the ball forward."

- Kyle Armbrester, Director of Business Development