Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era - Atticus Tysen, Intuit


About this video

Atticus Tysen, CIO at Intuit, discusses the company’s recent decision to manage their IT systems as a unified platform in order to eliminate unnecessary complexity and create a more dynamic environment. Tysen explains the reasons behind Intuit’s ‘API First’ strategy, facilitating a shift to the consumption of cloud-based consumer services from enterprise vendors and the creation of customer services accessed through APIs.

Key Points

  • Why the integration of vendor APIs isolates the company from vendor changes
  • Decision to deploy a set of standard, vendor neutral APIs for everyone
  • Cultural and technical lessons learned in the company’s shift to API reliance

“If you’re a developer at Intuit and you want to use an API, there’s one place to go. There’s one set of standards to learn. And we’re exposing that to third parties and we’re using the same exact portal for both third parties and internal developers.”

- Atticus Tysen, CIO