Intuit: APIs - Where Cloud Avenue and Main Street Meet


About this video

Alex Barnett, Director of Developer Relations at Intuit, discusses how small businesses can match the API innovation of large enterprises and serve millions of end-users. Barnett emphasizes the importance of managing APIs that empower developers and apply consumer feedback through partner platforms. 

Key Points

  • How APIs can create new business opportunities for small companies by engaging third parties
  • Find out how to create and sustain a valid and effective feedback loop through your company, its customers, and third-party developers
  • Understand the value and execution of mashups and how they can expand and improve small business offerings to a large number of customers

"Your APIs and your platform are going to continuously evolve as new technologies come on board. One of the challenges is how you can get ahead of the rest of the pack in an agile way."

- Alex Barnett, Director, Developer Relations