The Evolution of Your API and Its Value - Jesse Givens, CarePass, Aetna


About this video

Jesse Givens, Head of the CarePass Product at Aetna, discusses the company’s journey to create a new platform powered by APIs that would enable a user’s personal health information to flow freely between multiple sources. Givens shares the challenges that Aetna overcame in building a platform from the ground up in a highly regulated industry and identifies four main drivers in designing an API program.

Key Points

  • Understand the benefits of looking externally for best practices when developing a new platform
  • Learn how a company can quickly adjust its strategy to meet developer feedback
  • The value of opening APIs that were brokered from third-parties alongside the company’s platform API
  • Why it’s important to treat APIs as products

“With our developer portal, we’re using Mashery’s product to open up the core fabric of CarePass and all the data elements using the OAuth Accelerator that’s part of the platform to enable people to pull data into their apps to personalize that experience.”

- Jesse Givens, Head of the CarePass Product