ESPN: Powering Partnerships with Your API


About this video

Chris Jason, Director of APIs at ESPN, explains how to drive growth with API partnerships and how that can impact your business. Jason discusses how to leverage and optimize both internal and external partners from a business standpoint. 

Key Points

  • How opening your data to partners allows you to not only create new business opportunities, but also tap into otherwise unavailable resources
  • Understand the three key areas where APIs are enabling partnerships: flexible integration, using your API as a facade for dirty technology laundry, and simplifying business development and onboarding
  • Learn how your API can satisfy internal partners' needs, improving your business as a whole and getting optimal use out of your API
  • Understand the chief types of strategic partners that together can produce results that surpass what would be possible without them

"The pretty ribbon on the package is our developer portal. Launching this site got us in the game and in a position where we can try to deliver on all the things we thought our APIs could bring to our company."

- Chris Jason, Director of APIs