Coca-Cola Enterprises: Mobile Enterprise Supply Chain Integration


About this video

Kevin Flowers, CTO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, explains how APIs can boost traditional, large-scale retail companies in an ever-changing digital world through internal apps used by more than 1,100 employees at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Key Points

  • How APIs can elevate traditional, large-scale companies by allowing them to access data inventories and stay current in an increasingly digital world
  • Learn how traditional companies can adapt to the consumerization of IT by customizing their IT through APIs, while staying true to their architecture
  • Understand the tools and processes that are available to companies with broad security needs when implementing an API strategy 

"We're absolutely using APIs to access digital channels. We're using it to extend the data we've already invested in our strategic systems. We're using it to extend to mobile and the cloud. We're on our journey."

- Kevin Flowers, CTO