CapitalOne: Financial Innovations with APIs


About this video

Paul Sun, Senior Director of Digital Innovation Lab at CapitalOne, explains how a closed financial institution can successfully implement an open API, and through that, achieve business growth and empower partners. Sun also discusses the necessary measures of security and planning.

Key points

  • Learn how a company can stimulate growth and development outside of itself using APIs to empower partners to create and innovate
  • How a traditional company can leverage new business models through APIs among high tech and younger competition
  • Understand how the data from a traditional company can be segmented and utilized to serve different needs using multiple APIs​​ 

"We're smart enough to recognize that we have a much better chance at succeeding if we work together and co-develop with all the creative minds out there instead of fearing them. To this end, we've built the API platform."

- Paul Sun, Senior Director of Digital Innovation Lab