Best Buy: Platform Diving - How to Build a Business Using APIs


About this video

Jeff Schaubschlager, Senior Product Manager of BBY Open at Best Buy, discusses how APIs are an essential component of today's business strategies and the critical steps to creating a successful API strategy. Schaubschlager explains how a global products and services company can use partnerships and experts to build an effective business plan and get the rest of the organization on board.

Key Points

  • How to find strategic partners and get executives on board so as to build a case for a long-term API strategy and business roadmap
  • Learn how internal APIs can drive culture change within the organization and stimulate creativity and development in other departments
  • Find out why preparing for success, investing in experts, and planning for monetization are key steps in sustaining and growing a healthy API program
  • How creating a commerce API and leveraging partnerships can result in profits for you and your partners without directly monetizing your API

"It's worth investing in experts. A lot of people think they know everything, a lot of people within your company are going to think they know how to do it. It's worth the while to meet people upfront that know this and have done it. When we started this, we worked with Intel Services."

- Jeff Schaubschlager, Senior Product Manager of BBY Open