APIs and Data Refineries: Generating New Possibilities - Dr. Andreas Weigend, Social Data Lab


About this video

Dr. Andreas Weigend, founder of Social Data Lab, discusses how the advancement of APIs and their platforms are making it easier to extract desired information and refine data to reveal new insights. Weigend articulates why the most significant bottleneck to data analysis is a mindset barrier rather than access to the appropriate datasets, skillsets or toolsets.

Key Points

  • Lessons form data science experiments at Amazon
  • Does the principle of giving data to get data require a mindset shift
  • Four rules for APIs in a data rich world

“That mindset shift that companies have to come to grips and ask questions like ‘do your customers understand the value they get when they give you data?’ or the question ‘does your product or service get better over time with data or does it get worse?’ Those are the mindset questions that I think organizations need to ask.”

- Dr. Andreas Weigend, Founder