Aetna: Open Data in Healthcare


About this video

Jesse Givens, Head of the CarePass Product at Aetna, discusses how Aetna overcame the challenges faced being in a highly regulated and scrutinized industry and launching a portal that opens data. Givens highlights key steps to creating a successful API program while maintaining a level of control and data security.

Key Points

  • Understand the internal and external challenges to a highly regulated business trying to launch an API platform and how to overcome them
  • How to look beyond monetization and find non-monetary value and quick growth from an API platform for your business
  • Learn how a company can leverage an API without sacrificing security or private data

"We see our developer portal as a door into Aetna. It's part of our CEO's vision of exposing the best of what we have to the brightest minds out there in the developer community so that we can work together to build solutions that will benefit everyone and achieve a vision of simplicity."

- Jesse Givens, Head of CarePass Product