Mashery's Tool Aims To Make APIs The Dominant Enterprise Interface

The way organizations communicate is changing fast. With cloud adoption increasing across businesses of all sizes and shapes, this shift is accelerating even in the enterprise segment. I am talking about APIs becoming the dominant interface for programatic communications between applications. It used to be the domain of some modern web companies, mostly focussed on the consumer side. Now, more and more enterprises are using APIs to automate, integrate and, even, collaborate. With PaaS expected to be the future of Cloud Services, APIs are going to play a key role at all levels of the stacks inside the enterprises. Companies like MasheryApigeeLayer 7, etc. are offering solutions targeting this enterprise trend.

Last week Mashery (previous CloudAve coverage) announced a new tool, called Mashery API Packager, which will let business users put together customized API access plans for suppliers, partners, customers, etc.. In short, it empowers the business users in large enterprises to productize their APIs for easy consumption. APIs were always seen as a domain of technically savvy people and the difficulty in packaging, management, etc. made the barriers to entry high for business users. Tools like Mashery API Packager can reduce the friction and increase the API adoption along all dimensions of modern day enterprises.

With the tool, business users can:

  • Create on-the-fly packages of API methods and response filters for a partner or group of partners without engineering investment
  • Negotiate custom contract terms with API partners and quickly create packages based on those terms
  • Offer API packages through a public instance of Mashery Partner Portal for self-service registration and key provisioning, or moderate access privately
  • Analyze API performance and utilization metrics by package

According to Mashery, this tool  is available as an add-on for Mashery Accelerator Edition and Platform Edition customers, and is included in the Unlimited Edition of Mashery'€™s Software as a Service (SaaS) API management platform.