Mashery Opens Up A Lounge at SXSW Designed To Bring The Fun Back In Technology

For many, going to the myriad of sessions and panels at the South by Southwest Interactive conference is great, but there are times when you’ll want to spend a brief moment or two just sitting down and relaxing without feeling so much pressure. Maybe you need to get a little bit of work done or you need to co-work with your peers. Or, maybe you’ve met up with that special attendee and you want to interview them or at least talk more about what they’re doing and form a potential partnership. So now where are you supposed to go in the Austin Convention Center to do all that? You could head back to your hotel room, but that’s a bit awkward. Maybe try someplace in one of the hotel lobbies? Probably not because there aren’t that many chairs & it’s not cozy enough to be productive. How about some place to sit in the Austin Convention Center hallway? Yeah, good luck…there are even fewer chairs there!

Never fear, because Mashery has got the place for you! For the fourth straight year, the Internet’s leading API management service is setting up a room just attendees. If you got a badge and need a place to rest and take a load off, then head over to Mashery’s Circus Mashimus lounge within the Austin Convention Center. Here, you’ll be able to have your intimate meetings, meet new clients, check your email, tweet, update your Facebook status, grab some popcorn, enjoy some beverages, and just relax and let yourself enjoy the SXSW experience. We all know that for some, SXSW can be overwhelming, but Mashery is looking to help you just enjoy the moment. Their popular circus theme will give you the perfect setting for a morning wake-me-up (coffee or Bloody Mary’s), or even an afternoon get-me-started (free beer and snacks!).

This year, Mashery is bringing back one of its most popular parts of the Circus Mashimus lounge: AppCircus. That’s right, this year will be the continuation of an annual tradition–a multi-continent competition for developers will be held at SXSW where selected finalists who have created some of the most creative and innovative applications within the mobile/web space will be given the opportunity to demonstrate and present their product for the entire world to see right in the Mashery lounge. The winner will be named by a panel of well-known jurists, including Anoop Ranganath, lead iPhone developer at Foursquare, Matthew Wilson, marketing manager at Rovio Mobile, Stacey Higginbotham, senior writer with GigaOm, and others. You can view the selected finalists here, but make sure you’re at the Circus Mashimus lounge on March 12 as the winner will be named between 2-4pm.

The lounge will be open every day during the SXSW Interactive show between 9:30am-6:00pm.’s own Allison McNeill attended the Circus Mashimus event two years ago and here’s a great interview she did with Mashery’s CEO Oren Michels.