Even Santa Loves APIs

Although Santa doesn’t have his own API (I’m sure he is very saddened by this), he does have a few mashups that focus on him that were made with the help of some awesome APIs.  These range from Santa trackers (there is even some drama surrounding this category) to Christmas light display locators, and they are all very festive and sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

‘Tis the Season for Giving the Gift of Apps

Smartphones and tablets continue to top Christmas lists this year, as the mobile revolution sweeps into 2013. But Santa is increasingly fielding app requests, too, since even smartphones aren’t terribly bright without quality content.

‘Appy Holidays!

Are you scrambling to finish (or start) your holiday shopping? Don’t worry! These apps can help you select, buy and save money on perfect gifts for your family and friends.

API Strategies for Achieving Platform Business Goals, Part II

Last week, Mashery Platform Strategy Director, Chuck Freedman, wrote about a few strategies to help your API platform achieve its business goals.  This is part two of that post, covering strategies 4-6 from Chuck’s Business of APIs talk, which he presented earlier this fall. 

4.  Establishing Effective Partner Engagement

New Developer Tools from Amazon and Facebook

Amazon and Facebook recently announced new developer tools.   Amazon now offers free A/B testing capability for Kindle Fire developers and Facebook’s changes made it so their developer documentation automatically generates from its source code.   

The consumption of the digital you

Did you know that your digital data isn’t just for those you follow on Twitter or people on your friends list on Facebook?  There is a large, growing and yet unregulated market for your digital information. It’s not uncommon for data about you to be consumed by your doctor’s office, your car or even your refrigerator.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps – The API Round

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Google made a big splash this week with the release of its much-anticipated Google Maps for iPhone.  The wait is finally over and we can all move on from our complaining about the lack of public transportation directions and the inaccuracies of Apple Maps to figuring out which app we like best.  I won’t try to do a side-by-side comparison of the two apps – many, more qualified people have done this already (this is a pretty insightful and comprehensive review).  What I do want

Apple of Our Eye: iOS Device Penetration in Today’s Higher Education Signals the Workforce of Tomorrow

An interesting infographic came out this month on the trajectory of iOS devices in today’s higher education institutions. The Australian think tank Open Colleges culled the core set of global data available on how far up the ivory towers we now find Apple fan boys, fanatics and fellows.

API strategies for achieving platform business goals

Companies that back their API offering with a strategic approach can experience a measurable success. We guide companies with existing and new APIs to understand their business goals and implement or create strategies that drive success.

Rounding Up Gartner’s AADI Summit – Part II: How Not to be a SOA-Saurus

On Friday, Part I of this series covered the broad strokes of what is one of the integration spaces’ pivotal annual gatherings, Gartner’s Application, Architecture Delivery and Integration Summit (AADI). This show sets the coming year’s tone for application integration at Fortune 500 companies, and to a degree for the integration space as a whole.


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