APIs Change Business

Here at Mashery, we believe in the transformative nature of APIs.  We hear from our customers and partners every day about the power of APIs to build new business models, new partnerships and new channels.  This fall, our Business of APIs (BAPI) conferences, gave us the opportunity to highlight our customers and how APIs transformed their business. 

ESPN and Cisco provided great examples. Summaries of their presentations are below, but I encourage you to watch the videos in their entirety (links below). 

The Changing Landscape of Mobile Search in a SoLoMo World

Mobile devices and apps are undeniably changing the way we communicate and access information. So is the rise in consumers’ belief that user-generated content (UGC) sites are more trustworthy than corporate sites. People use apps from Yelp and Urbanspoon to find local businesses and services; they rate their experiences and review products and services on these sites as well as on more “traditional” ecommerce sites like Amazon and Zappos; they post their opinions on hotels and other travel services on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Hotels.com.

The Healthcare Revolution: Smartphone Medical Devices

Healthcare has been a popular topic in the past few years.  A lot of attention has gone into legislation and how we can improve our ailing healthcare system.  While the fights over laws have gone on, innovators in the medical device space have made leaps and bounds, making healthcare more accessible to individuals.

The Internet of Things: How Humans and Machines Interact Thanks to APIs

The Internet is rapidly transforming everyday objects like refrigerators, thermostats and even cars into super-connected machines. As the offline world moves online, this “Internet of Things” (IoT) is starting to revolutionize the way humans and machines interact.

Enterprise Needs for Enterprise APIs

Large companies have been a part of the API game from the start.  Ebay and Amazon have had APIs since the early 2000’s.  And now, more and more enterprises are developing API programs.   Large companies in industries as varied as retail (BestBuy), hardware (Cisco) and distribution (Coca-Cola Enterprises) are all creating successful API programs. 

Cleaning out your Social Media Clutter in the New Year

While many of our New Year’s resolutions center around things like losing weight or finally organizing the garage - think about starting the New Year by cleaning out your digital clutter.

When it comes to social media, we create our own experience to a certain extent. We choose who we want to follow or add to our network and how we connect.  However, after years of adding acquaintances, old co-workers or potential business contacts, we may find our contact lists become bloated.

5 Steps to API greatness

There are over 8,300 APIs out there today and the number keeps growing.

APIs and the Retail Omni-channel Grail

If you are approaching the final days of 2012 feeling like this holiday shopping season was a complex one - perhaps from a consumer perspective alone – you’re not alone. Holiday shopping reached a peak frenetic state this year, with most major retailers capitalizing on a range of device form factors to vie for your purchase.

Download Your Way to a Successful 2013

After several days of eating your grandmother’s chocolate covered, sugar coated butter cookies, you may decide it’s time to hit the gym. Although… don’t you deserve another cookie just for thinking about getting off the couch?

If your dieting resolve tends to waver around triple-decker fudge bars and marshmallow cream pies, don’t worry. These mobile apps can help you stick by your New Year’s resolution no matter what goal you want to accomplish.

Carrots and Sticks

My first year recruiting at Mashery

My first Mashery recruiting assignment came last year. When recruiting for an expansion stage technology startup that provides a product that most people aren't entirely sure of, you need to be tremendously compelling in your first message.  This was challenging because I always found myself first having to explain what an API was and then why an API management solution was so important.


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