Enable Your Customers’ Success with APIs

I recently discussed what data/content enterprises can open up to the public through APIs.  This week, I want to discuss the customer and/or partner API tier.  This tier covers data that is too important to the enterprise to be made public, but is very useful to its customers and/or partners. 

Aetna’s Role in Advancing Mobile Healthcare

Healthcare and mobile technology influence each other more each day, making seamless data sharing essential for their mutual development. And as the best conduit for fast and organized information exchange, APIs are now becoming crucial to healthcare innovation.

How to Rock your first Hackathon: Tools and Resources

A couple of weeks ago, Adria Richards (West Coast Developer Evangelist with our friends at SendGrid) hosted Girl Develop Its’ “How to Rock Your First Hackathon”.

She went through some of the key resources anyone should have ready (not just the ladies) for your first hackathon:

Learn To Code Resources

Mashery Hacks at PennApps 2013

Last week, Mashery attended PennApps, a 40-hour application development competition organized by the students at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

The bi-annual event is a 40-hour hackathon that brings 500 student designers and developers from around the world together to build and hack. 

Mashery hacks
There were eight hacks built using Mashery APIs. Here are some favorites:

Big Data and APIs Combine to Boost Business

The term “big data” continues to make headlines across the tech and business worlds, but what is it exactly and how can it help companies reach their full potential?

The Evolution of the Hackathon

Here at Mashery, we’ve seen firsthand the proliferation of hackathons around the world.  There is no question to the tremendous value it presents to the API space for enterprise, startups, and the developer community.  The transition of an idea into an app can be a difficult process, especially when solving a complex problem. Hackers deserve tremendous credit for meeting this challenge and continuing to redefine how digital innovation will change the industry.

Let your API Strategy help with your data landfill

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an API strategy specific to enterprise needs.  The strategy discussed in that post is one of dividing data into tiers.  Large companies have virtual landfills full of data, but not all company data is the same.  Some is public, some is for customers only and some is for internal use only.  The API strategy should reflect that.  It should have different tiers that are meant for different users.

How an Open API Transformed Netflix Forever

The journey of Netflix from DVD rental service to video streaming platform and ultimately API powerhouse is a timeless and instructive story of adaptability.

From humble beginnings, Netflix’s API skyrocketed and has remained strong even through the company’s difficulties. By continuing to strengthen its API strategy, Netflix can only increase its momentum going forward.

Partnering through APIs

We are clearly far past the point of having to explain the benefits of API management and services, but there are still specific aspects where more attention is merited. In particular, partners.

3 tips for thriving amid SOA Governance extinction

In 2013, Learning how to enable your business with APIs is a common theme among enterprise IT departments and also among business. Enterprises are seeing that the current state of SOA Governance is headed towards extinction. These enterprises face a new kind of tension: the app and API economies on the one hand, where enterprises drive new revenue streams by (gulp) publishing corporate data APIs for third-party developers to use, and SOA on the other, where tight governance is the name of the game. But the loose coupling in RESTful web services forces a discipline all its own.


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