The Enterprise Invades the Apps Playground

SXSW has traditionally been a stronghold for lifestyle technology.  Until recently, the Interactive crowd went as far as shunning the mere notion that enterprise business process or even mere productivity apps had anything to do with the social interaction of the creative minds that mingled amid the balmy spring weather of Austin.

Our Unofficial SXSW Health 2.0 Guide

APIs are becoming crucial to healthcare innovation as they allow for the fast and organized exchange of information.  As apps have started to benefit doctors and patients alike, technology and APIs are at the forefront of moving healthcare innovation forward. 

Apps, Data, People & Risk: Problem vs. Requirement?

Mashery’s own Delyn Simons, VP of Developer Outreach, and John Oberon, VP of Engineering, were featured in a New York Times article titled “Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk.” The article focuses on the risk of data exposure in a world where employees work and live using the apps and devices they choose; where employees may be sending and sharing sensitive information using apps like Dropbox,

The Humanity of Hackathons

London Web Summit put on a Hackathon this past Saturday, alongside Mashery's Developer Outreach Team, led by Amit Jotwani.

It was my first full day at a hackathon and it was an eye-opener for me. What I saw and heard will impact how I raise my 9 and 6 year-old boys.

API Strategy & Practice Conference Summary

Several lucky Masherites, including me, got to spend last Thursday and Friday at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in New York City.  Overall, the event was a great testament to how important APIs have become to businesses that span the spectrum of industries.  APIs are skyrocketing in importance, and more and more executives are taking notice.   However, one thing this conference made clear to me is that there is still a lot of room to go grow.  Business/product strategy (as opposed to technical strategy) for an API program is still not well defined or discussed often enough. 

CrunchBase API to Become a Full-Fledged Product

APIs are so vital for business companies like TechCrunch are beginning to treat them as products in their own right. This approach allows such companies to maximize platform reach, profits and partnerships.

Better Transportation Through APIs

For those of us who live in cities, transportation networks are vital to our day-to-day activities.  Since I don’t have a car, I am wholly reliant on New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).   Thank god they have an API.

Platform success strategies: Promote apps that are built with your API

This post, part of a guest blog series on platform success strategies, originally appeared on

The Olympic-sized benefit of Coca-Cola Enterprises internal APIs

We took a look at Internal APIs, or APIs within a company, in our post earlier this week and were reminded of the Olympic-sized benefit Coca-Cola Enterprises internal API and ordering app gave them during the summer Olympics in London last year.

Internal APIs are APIs, Too

To round out my discussion of enterprise API strategy, I want to focus on how enterprise’s can use APIs for internal usage.  I have already discussed how enterprises can benefit from exposing some of their data to the general public as well as customers and partners.  Those are the standard target audiences for API programs. 


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