Student Developers Opening Doors for the next generation

This past weekend, Hacker News blew up again over the issue of gender bias in tech. Regardless of your views, it's clear there are still a lot more men employed as programmers than women. 

Omni-channel Explosion: Mashery Signs Strategic Agreement with NetSuite

Forrester Research predicts that by 2016, U.S. cross-channel sales will be $1.660 trillion and that more than half of all retail sales will be either online or web-influenced.

Ringing In New Business with APIs

APIs have helped the The Yellow Pages Group Canada (YPG) go from phonebooks to an online communications giant with exponential and continued growth. YPG began life as a directory publisher for Bell Canada in 1908.

Platform Success Strategies: Communicate the Value of Your API

This post, part of a guest blog series on platform success strategies, originally appeared on

Communicating the value of your API is a simple, but often missed, step that can position your platform incredibly well among partners. How you describe the value of your offering is important messaging that should inform visiting partners and developers why your API is worth exploring and how it brings the missing content or service to their business and/or application.

Want to Attract Developers to your API? Set Them Free

When it comes to APIs, credibility with developers is critical, whether you are trying to hire them, attract them to your developer network, or get them to build integrations and apps using your API. Anyone running an API program needs to understand what works and what doesn't when working with developers. Even if it's your API and your data, developers inside and outside your company building integrations are ultimately the ones who make or break the success of your API.

Sports & APIs – A Perfect Fit

With the baseball season now in full swing, the NBA playoffs underway and the Stanley Cup playoffs right around the corner, it is an exciting time for sports.  And for sports APIs.  In the past few months, there have been a number of exciting events that have brought sports data and sports APIs to center stage.

APIs are changing the game for data delivery

Sports news happens 24-7. Perhaps the Final Four game is taking place and everyone’s checking the score.  Maybe Buster Posey’s stats went up, or Tom Brady just made a touchdown pass.  Fans who like to regularly follow their favorite teams need access to this information via the devices, apps, social networks, and/or media outlets of their choice.

Machine Sensor Data, APIs and Productivity

Exposing data through APIs is a well-worn topic.  At Mashery, we talk about it literally all the time.  But we usually focus on a company exposing its own data sets through APIs to inspire innovation.  What we don’t talk about as often, is how whole industries can use APIs to increase productivity and efficiencies. 

In the last few years there has been a spread of low-cost sensors that have made it possible to monitor a large variety of machines and machine-handled processes.  There are now sensors tracking everything from jet engine turbines to fruit shipments. 

Connecting with APIs

Wendy Lea fell in love with the idea of creating, driving and connecting the meaningful conversations between companies and their customers.

She found a home doing that as the CEO of Get Satisfaction, a community-based platform that helps companies engage with their customers and in turn, gain product insight and enhanced customer loyalty.

Wearable Health Sensors & APIs: Better Health Monitoring

We’ve been talking about healthcare a lot here at Mashery, and with good reason.  It is an exciting time in healthcare technology and innovation.   Smartphones are increasingly powerful, and more and more developers and companies are figuring out ways to turn smartphones into effective and inexpensive medical devices.  And with healthcare reform requiring accessible electronic health records, there is a growing market for innovation around available health data.


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