Mashery API Explorer - A Compass That Guides Developers Directly to the Gold

Today, we are announcing the Mashery API Explorer, a new, free way for developers to discover and test APIs from dozens of companies including USA TODAY, Yellow Pages Group, Hotwire,, and Klout.

Top Ten Mashups from the #Reinventlocal Hackathon

Over the weekend of November 5th, American Express OPEN Forum hosted a best-in-class Hackathon in NY. It showcased that innovation and creativity can be put into action and actually ‘ship’. Not to mention, in only 24 hours time.

To put it simply, I was blown away. After seeing the teams form organically on day one, to witnessing the rapid-fire elevator pitches and demos on day two, I realized the world of development has entered a new chapter. We are now in a Mashup culture, where the ingredients to your software are open APIs, and your imagination is the real-time blueprint.

AmEx Kicks Off NY Hackathon with APIs Running on Mashery

AmEx's OPEN Forum provides small business owners a best-in-class platform to connect and collaborate. Bringing together a variety of tools, exclusive articles, videos, and industry insights, OPEN Forum is invaluable when improving your business and keeping pace with the industry. 

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon DC with AOL/Patch + Fanfeedr APIs + appMobi

Having lived in the DC-Metro area for the past several years, it's always great to be back there. Last weekend, on my way back to New York from Richmond, I stopped over to visit family for the weekend and thought it would be fun to attend the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon at the AOL office in Dulles, VA with some friends.

Introducing Mashery Developer Power Tools

At Mashery, addressing and solving developer pain related to integrating across multiple APIs is one of the primary goals of our Mashery API Network and our open data commons of over 50+ RESTful APIs.

The Google+ Rant: The Value of Platforms

Steve Yegge's now famous rant about Google+ is actually an incredibly educational piece about the competitive advantages of API-enabled platforms. Yegge's thesis? That platforms are the new drivers of business value.

If you're thinking about building an API -- or not building one -- Yegge is required reading.

Share Your API Success with Colleagues: New "Reports User" Role

With APIs becoming more and more important for companies' core businesses, we've been getting lots of requests for sharing Mashery API analytics with colleagues -- including those who aren't on the API team. Those colleagues can include marketers who want to tell the story of apps and partnerships powered by the API, business analysts who want to evaluate API investments, and execs looking to understand how your API drives value. 

A Tale of Two Tech Cities - Hackathons in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

Mashery recently co-hosted hackathons in two cities with emerging Web tech communities -- Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. One city, famous for its roots in gambling and entertainment. The other, established around Temple Square and majestic mountains. Two seemingly divergent origins and cultures that have something very much in common - energetic developers with wonderful skills. Between the two events came a deluge of original hacks created in a single day.

My Experience at the NYC Foursquare Hackathon

I had a great experience at the NYC Foursquare Hackathon held September 17-18th, and wanted to share some highlights of the impressive event.

The Participants

Spirit of a Hackathon and PennApps 2011

There's something about college life. You want to do something exciting and you have relatively little fear of failure/criticism or similar apprehensions that keep us from doing what we know we should. You just dive in and figure it out. For collegiate developers for instance, I feel Hackathons, fit just the bill for that kind of spirit.


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