APIs a top practice for the Travel Industry

While many are traveling for the holidays, it seems that the Travel industry is doing double-duty as a top example on how to do API programs well. 

Awesome DC Hackathon at USA TODAY HQ: MoDevEast

Quick, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Washington, DC? - White House, Washington Monument, Smithsonian and a gazillion museums? All right answers about history and power, but now you can add "awesome developers" to your list.

Macy's Named 2011 Mobile Marketer of the Year

Congrats to Macy's on being names 2011 Mobile Marketer of the Year

Princeton's got talent

Startup Weekend Princeton's landing page describes a typical Startup Weekend as - "Lots of coding, lots of creativity, tons of junk food and energy drinks, lots of prizes, and a lot of fun - don't miss the action!" - That probably sums up Princeton's Startup Weekend quite well and I can stop typing right here, but it ended up being so much more, so am gonna continue typing!

Mashery welcomes Radian6

We're pleased to announce Radian6 as the newest addition to the list of Mashery customers.

"Mashery setup and support was very easy and straightforward. They provided us with all the help and support we required to get our API portal up and running, including a custom step-by-step checklist to get us setup just the way we wanted." said Radian6's Mike Mullen, "I'm very impressed with our on-boarding and excited to continue to reap the many benefits of the Mashery platform."

Hacking Apps Against Abuse

I’ve heard that developers build software for either money or fame. But sometimes, there’s a nobler cause. Earlier this year, the US Department of Health and Human Services and Vice President Biden announced a nationwide challenge to develop apps that can help prevent dating violence and sexual assault for young adults and college students. The prize amount at stake? Zero. Did that keep developers from participating? Absolutely not.

Developers Take On The Video App Challenge

Vertically focused hackathon events are the most challenging for developers. They must often abandon their comfort zone of project ideas and APIs they're familiar with to build something compelling and useful within the constraints of the contest theme. Themed hackathons are wonderful at extending a developer's skill set and expanding his or her creative horizons. Video Hackday SF did just that for over 40 developers, who collectively built 13 video apps that day.

Hollywood Hackday - The Flashback

The Story

A room that says "Let your ideas fly" - loud and clear on one of the walls is probably a perfect setting to get some rockstar developers together, help them unleash their creativity and then sit back and see the magic unfurl. That is precisely what happened at Hollywood Hackday in Los Angeles early November.

Hoosier Hacks: The Combine and API Hackday Bloomington

A few weeks ago, I found myself in the beautiful city of Bloomington, Indiana, representing Mashery at The Combine Conference & API Hackday. If you haven't heard of API Hackday - it's an event that brings developers together for an all-day coding fest focused on building apps with APIs. Developers of all experience levels can share ideas, collaborate on projects, start new ventures and discover great tools and new APIs to play with.

A Tale of Two Tech Cities - API Hackday in Salt Lake City

During the past two years of participating and hosting hackathons across the country, I've formulated some internal generalizations about developer communities, mostly comparing Silicon Valley with various other cities. However, after co-hosting back-to-back hack events in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, I stumbled upon interesting unique characteristics within each city's dev communities that paint a deeper picture. The other week I wrote about the ReCommerce Hack Day in Las Vegas as part one of a two-part series.


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