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The growth in the number of web service APIs is staggering. Programmable Web's directory of APIs has nearly 5,000 entries with hundreds of new platforms being added monthly. Gartner predicts that by 2014, 75% of Fortune 1000 companies will open public APIs. Where will your company find the expertise to build successful application integration with these platforms?

Missed the I/O Docs webinar? Check out the video!

Last week's I/O Docs webinar was a great success and provided lots of valuable information. Providing useful API documentation matters but can be tough to prioritize and maintain. Mashery's Neil Mansilla gives in-depth views on why documentation is important, the challenges in getting started and keeping documentation current, examples of great API docs and a walk-though of Mashery's I/O Docs, which lets developers execute live API calls directly from the docs.

SXSWI 2012 Here we come!

Has it been almost a year already since SXSWi? Time flies when you're growing, innovating and having fun! We're in the throes of planning this year's Circus Mashimus and finalizing the sponsors and activities for this year.

Keep an eye out for announcements coming soon about sponsors and activities!

Smart devices in 2012

Now that the dust has settled, and I have sifted through my bag of schwag, from CES 2012. It’s time to retrospect on what I got from days of gadgetry in Las Vegas.

As many have mentioned already, CES 2012 focused on ‘Smart’ devices. Items we used on a daily basis, from televisions to clothes washers are now considered “Smart”.

But what does “Smart” mean? Just because a device is connected to the Internet doesn’t make it smarter. What makes devices smarter is how they interact and engage the user, an interface which engages the user and how device engages the user.

New Webinar: API Docs that Rock

Great API docs get partners quickly building with your API fast. Bad ones mean partner quickly leave your API for dead. Join Mashery for a webinar about how companies from USA TODAY and Klout to ASOS and Edmunds are using Mashery I/O Docs to offer interactive API documentation that not only engages partners, but also makes it easy to present docs that are accurate and up-to-date.

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012 Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM PST. 

Read All About It (Through Newspaper APIs)

Transformed over the last decade by the Internet and mobile devices, the newspaper industry is now being reshaped by another force: APIs. Recently, Programmable Web posted about the

growing number of newspaper APIs

Geolocation Apps on the rise in 2012

Where are you? Oh, and where are your friends, and where is that bar they’re meeting up at tonight? In recent years, more and more apps are answering these questions, which means more and more developers are looking for geolocation APIs

Building a mobile app using Hotwire APIs in 15 minutes

A few weeks ago we collaborated with appMobi by building some demo apps featuring several Mashery Network APIs, including Rotten Tomatoes, Klout, Patch and Neustar.

We just added another demo app featuring the Hotwire API, focusing on ...  Read more

Are API Calls the New Basis for Company Valuation?

In today's news of Klout's $30-million, Kleiner-led funding round, we saw an incredibly interesting development: the use of API call volume as a proxy for company value. In particular, Klout CEO Joe Fernandez tells TechCrunch that monthly API calls is one of the key metrics the company tracks, and that Klout did 10 billion in December -- a 100x jump during 2011.

API Hack Day Boulder Recap

Before the Defrag conference, the API Hack Day crew held a day-long hackathon at Microsoft Bing’s office in Boulder. We’ve all heard the legend of TechStars, mentored startups born and launched from the mountains of Boulder.

Several TechStars companies were part of the hackathon... read more.


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