SXSW - HTML 5 APIs, Flipboard couch, Frank Abagnale

Session of the Day:

"The World-Wide Web was developed to be a pool of human knowledge, which would allow collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas and all aspects of a common project…The idea of the Web was prompted by positive experience of a small "home-brew" personal hypertext system used for keeping track of personal information on a distributed project." -- Tim Berners-Lee, computer scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web

This idea that Berners-Lee talks about, supports one of the few key aspects of implementing successful HTML5 APIs.

SXSW - APIs, Startups and the Circus

Mashery's Circus Mashimus has officially rolled into this year's SXSW Interactive! We're excited that we've brought along some spectacular company – each of our lounge sponsors represents how API's are changing the way we do business: This includes teams from, BodyMedia, USA TODAY, Klout, ESPN, ReadWriteWeb, The Guardian and Rovi. API's are everywhere in Austin. With the first day of SXSW's session over, there are some really great highlights from the day worth mentioning.

TV’s slow revolution: How APIs are helping TV innovate

There is a great debate going on about the state of television, and I don’t mean the quality of the programming being produced (we’ve seen some great/groundbreaking TV shows in the past 10 years, such as Mad Men, The Sopranos, The Wire, etc.). I’m referring to the state of technology surrounding the way we all receive television content, and APIs will play a key role in the TV revolution that has been slowly approaching since video first made its way onto the internet.

eTail West 2012 - "Make API Your Brand's Top Priority"

The focus of Day Two at eTail West was primarily about getting retailers to think about how to effectively and efficiently create profitable and customized growth strategies. Whereas the first day of eTail entailed what retailers and brands should be doing to meet customer needs, the second day honed in on exactly how retailers should go about doing so. This is best summed up from the highlights of the keynote session on how retailers should be optimizing their business for the "Era of Agile Commerce."

eTail West 2012 - "Make A Presence Wherever Your Customers May Be"

With the opening of eTail Palm Desert's 3-day conference, vendors and retailers from all over have come together to discuss some key themes that revolve around improving efficient, measurable multi-channel, online and brand strategies.

Circus Mashimus activities at SXSW 2012

We have a little over a week until we pack our bags and head down to lively Austin, Texas for this year's SXSW conference!

How does your mobile strategy and presence stack up?

If brands had a crystal ball to see into the future, an article by Digiday’s Jack Marshall suggests many of those brands might be a little lonely in a world where tablets and smartphones become consumers’ first and last brand experience at home, on the go or even in-store.

Last Call for AppCircus: SXSW Edition!

Calling all app developers! Are you going to SXSW and think you have what it takes to show off and win in front of judges from Programmable Web, FourSquare, Conference Basics, Rovio and Mashery? Once again, Mashery will be hosting AppCircus at Circus Mashimus this year and we're looking for some great apps to be presented on Monday, March 13. 

Want to show off your app? Then submit your app now, before tomorrow's deadline!  

Our 'Visual Interview' with Forbes: The Other Side of Social Media - Inside the APP-based Revolution

Our CEO, Oren Michels, has been spending some time recently with Forbes to discuss how APIs are fueling the app ecosystem.

Through those interviews, we created the infographic below, which shows how APIs are enabling companies like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages Group, Dunn & Bradstreet/Hoovers and Expedia, Inc to engage developers, create more third party apps and generate more revenue. 


Circus Mashimus Sponsors at SXSW

It will be a little over a month before we head down to Austin and start setting up Circus Mashimus at SXSW.  We have several activities -- some new, some tried-and-true -- to delight and entertain our guests. But we wouldn't be able to bring the awesome without awesome sponsors. 


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