Present your API as a Product – API Portal Presentation Best Practices

Much like everything associated with your company, your API portal is an extension of your content, products or services. The API deserves a worthy home where your API users and customers, your partners and developers, will see a well-supported product and understand why it’s valuable to their business.

Get packing with Mashery's API Packager

As you think about how to improve your API strategy, you’re probably hearing that you should manage your APIs as products.  But what does that mean and how do you do it?  First, it means you should apply both business and technical processes to your API program with the same amount of rigor as you would for any other product that’s core to your business.  Second, just as you would anticipate how to manage complexity as that product grows, you need to do the same for your API

API Pricing – Tiered & Flexible

We have been talking about API’s as products, and for many companies, APIs are as important as their tangible products. Many tech start-ups have only one product – their API.  And for those companies that focus heavily on data, APIs are becoming THE product the company relies on. 

The Single Pane of Glass and the Future of API Platforms

It’s been a fun ride since joining Mashery in the early days of 2008 and being part of our growth and the success of our customers.  We’ve launched well over 200 API programs over the years, and I’ve had a front row seat to many of them.  Some of our client friends at those early customer projects have been promoted given the success of their visions.  That’s super rewarding to have been a part of. 

Announcing the 2013 Business of APIs Conference Dates

APIs aren't just changing business; they're changing how we work and interact with each other every day. They're creating new opportunities for partnerships and extending brands' reach and revenue, and executives from Marketing to IT need to understand how to use APIs to accelerate their companies and create new opportunities for growth.

API Management – The New Black?

We've seen tremendous activity in the API management space in the last few weeks with multiple acquisitions and a huge uptick in interest in all things API-related. But what exactly are APIs and why do they need to be managed? Our infographic below illustrates some of the background to this API phenomenon and how companies can successfully build there own revenue-generating platforms.

APIs vs. The Myth of the Omnichannel Retailer

Yesterday’s article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “The Myth of the Omnichannel Retailer,” illuminated some startling facts about how many retailers are reaching their omnichannel potential. According to the a survey of 35 large retailers (more than $1B annual revenue) conducted by SD Retail Consulting, the gap between ideal omnichannel experience and execution is in reality still quite significant. Only 29% of U.S.

Why you should treat your API like a product

We at Mashery specialize in API management and to us that means that APIs should be treated as products.  This is not something that is obvious.  An API can seem like an obscure piece of programming, but if treated properly, it is not only a powerful piece of technology, but also a powerful business tool.  In order to fully explore this topic, we are launching an “API as Products” blog series, of which this is the first of several weekly posts.

Big Data, IoT, API...Newer technologies protected by older security

This guest post, written by Andy Thurai, originally appeared on ProgrammableWeb. Andy is the Chief Architect & Group CTO for the Intel unit responsible for Cloud/ Application security, API, Big Data, SOA and Mobile middleware solutions. You can follow him on Twitter at @AndyThurai.

Flying Higher with APIs

Flying – it seems we all have a love-hate relationship with flying and the airlines that operate our flights.  For many of us, there is no way to get around having to fly, whether for business or vacation, so we can’t avoid the airlines.  Thankfully for frequent flyers, airlines have been trying to make things a bit easier – most of the major airlines now have put out an app that allows you to check-in to your flight, load your boarding pass, select your seat, etc.


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