New Speakers Announced at All Three Business of APIs Conferences

We’re less than two weeks from BAPI SF. While you still have a few days left for San Francisco early bird pricing, we want everyone to be up to speed on new speakers and talks that have confirmed.

We’ve just announced the addition of the following new speakers and talks to its BAPI conference lineup in each city:

San Francisco:

• GetSatisfaction CEO Wendy Lea will join moderator Victoria Barret of Forbes Magazine for a fireside chat about her journey from traditional partner ecoystems to APIs.

Wake Up and Smell the Winner: The Predictive Power of APIs and Morning Coffee

If you are looking for a way to illustrate how APIs are a piping hot way to better reach and understand your customers, here’s a tall cup of big brand proof. Your corner store is where APIs meet Main Street to answer a question on everyone’s mind: Obama or Romney?

Can You Imagine a World Without Your Smartphone?

When the App Store first started in the summer of 2008 it was a huge game changer. Now, for those of us with smartphones, apps are pretty commonplace. Apps help us do daily tasks and make our lives easier. Many of us feel very lost without our phones since they store all our information and entertainment. This of course poses the problem of forgetting, losing or leaving your phone somewhere. We all know that helpless feeling. Well, what if all your apps and all your information weren’t stored in a device, but were with you all the time?

BAPI Means Business

What does The New York Times have to do with Best Buy? Or Intuit and ESPN? Maybe USA Today and Twilio? The easy answer is that they are among the companies you’ll find represented at the annual Business of APIs (BAPI) conference, the premier global forum for API experts and professionals. The conference will be in the Julia Morgan Ballroom at Merchants Exchange in San Francisco on Oct., 360 Degrees in New York on Oct. 17 and Altitude 360 - 29th Floor at Millibank Tower in London on Nov. 6.

Apolitical APIs

In July 2011, the Poynter Institute, the go-to resource for breeding the next generation of journalists and other media creatures, took on the task of telling its audience about the birds and the bees.

Outsourcing Travel Booking on Your Own Terms

With the economy (hopefully) starting to gain steam, hotels are starting to see some relief. Prices have been creeping back up over the last few years after the lows of 2008-2009. But hotel owners and managers still face the basic business dilemma – how do you get more revenue? The answer is obvious: fill more rooms! But how you fill those rooms is also important.

Get Ready for the Future of Shopping!

As you're packing for this week's Annual Summit, it's useful to keep in mind how digitizing the retail experience for your business's consumers via APIs can really make your business stand out as an innovative and more influential player in the retail space. To help keep things in perspective before the show, we'll use Best Buy as a case-in-point example for how a traditionally brick-and-mortar store transformed its business model into one that has proven great success in this post-website era.


An API Tribute to Google Feeling Under the Weather

If an API never really launched, will anybody notice when it’s withdrawn? In the case of the Google Weather API, at least, the answer is a quiet yes.

Spreading Some Developer Love

As our modern-day society evolves into a more interconnected ecosystem via ubiquitous Internet connectivity and the adoption of diverse device usage, we are also noticing that there is growing demand for quality developers and programmers. This trend of a more forward-thinking digital society has driven companies to not only realize, but also prioritize developments in creating faster, more efficient and user-friendly digital services and applications.

Platforms Emerging From Apps

Some of my favorite stories emerging from the app economy are those of apps that actually created platforms. In most cases, these platforms emerge from vision and strategy where the backend driving the app can and should be available to serve a larger ecosystem. The following stories are of companies that saw the potential of their functionality beyond their own successful apps.


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