BAPI Debate Du jour: Public vs. Private

API’s are driving tremendous innovation. This isn’t news. The news, as it would be, comes in the daily twists and turns of that innovation as we rewrite the laws, rules and mores of social interaction, ownership and privacy, etched into design and use of APIs and API architecture. Why?

The Next Big Education Reform: APIs

There has been a lot of talk about how technology can change the way we think about education.  Bill Gates often talks about technology and education coming together to change the way we teach and learn. Neither technology nor education are going anywhere, so the question really is, how will they come together to make learning and teaching more cost effective and more successful.

Happy BAPI!

The Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) is here and we are proud to announce San Francisco has sold out! 

Don’t despair if you didn’t get a golden ticket, the event will be live streaming!

We will also be live tweeting, so be sure to follow us @mashery or look for tweets with the #BAPI2012 hashtag.

BAPI San Francisco and API University 2012

We’ve all read about tech superstars who dropped out of college or never bothered to go at all, before launching successful startups. In the real world it helps to know a little about what’s actually out there. 

You don’t want to miss API University at this year’s BAPI

In the past, The Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) has been dedicated to featuring leaders and businesses, successful in the API space, talk of their experiences, knowledge and platform capabilities. For the first time this year, we are taking the opportunity to offer our own expertise to attendees in the form of a training curriculum we call API University. 

Heat-Seeking APIs

Leading up to the elections, a lot of people have become poll-savvy. They obsess over daily tracking stats on sites like Real Clear Politics. It’s not hard to understand why—even for non-political junkies, it’s fascinating to monitor national trends in real time.

BAPI San Francisco 2012: The Perfect Mix

Think Best Buy—a household name by any measure, the specialty retailer has a huge market share in sales of consumer electronics in the U.S., along with a growing presence in such regions as Canada and China. Now switch to, a startup with a solution for SMB brand and social media managers to segment and engage social influencers in real time, based on demographics, rare interests, life-stage and personality.

Mapping Out the Future

While we’re putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Business of APIs (BAPI) conference, the premier global forum for API experts and professionals, we’re still keeping a close eye on the world around us. And that’s good, because there’s a lot happening out in API-land—just ask Amazon.

Essential API tools for fueling outside innovation

Open APIs allow partners, developers and entrepreneurs to innovate with your data, content or service from outside the walls of your company. Startups on a strict VC budget crave outside innovation as much as the Fortune 500 companies challenged with limited product or engineering bandwidth. Through this proven platform strategy, companies can invoke new partnerships, watch their brand proliferate to new users through cutting edge apps & devices, and discover ways their APIs can fulfill previously unknown, but desirable user features. 

APIs In The Mobile Information Age

After listening to the DreamForce 2012 Keynote address earlier this week it dawned on me that what the world has been experiencing in the last few years is nothing compared to what’s about to come.

Most people think of Facebooking or Tweeting is merely just a fun hobby or activity. For others it’s a business that is really still in its infancy.


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