Announcing new speakers for the Business of APIs conference in London

The sixth annual Business of APIs (BAPI) conference is moving across the pond to London on November 6, 2012.

We're excited to announce a handful of new speakers who will explain how APIs create competitive advantages in business. They include:

Smarter Data Driving Smarter Health Choices

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes the start of the holiday season. That means more of everything: more sitting at the table, more sitting on planes, and of course more food - we all know the holidays aren’t the easiest time to eat healthy and exercise.

APIs are here to help! APIs can funnel all of your personal data into health-savvy apps to help you fend off the festive few extra pounds.

Backing Up the Backup – Time to Stop Whining about Amazon

It’s time for another round of lame Internet outage jokes. Can’t get on Reddit? Great, go back to work. Couldn’t solve your hotel problems with Airbnb yesterday? Maybe it’s a sign you would be more rested after a staycation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is so pervasive that even a minor hiccup, which is pretty much what we saw on Monday afternoon, causes a whole lot of our connected lives to have bouts of bad breathing. This turn causes the inevitable hand-wringing across the service industry.  But as in the past, I hope sanity reigns.

PCI Compliance: Getting Credit from Visa and MasterCard

We got a nice little note in our inbox recently. It was from Visa, but it had nothing to do with our credit limit (eye-rolls and drum kicks appropriate).

“Congratulations on validating compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard,” it said. “The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers - PCI DSS Validated Entities. . . acknowledges service providers that have shown their commitment to security by meeting the requirements of the PCI Standard.  We appreciate your continued support and commitment to safeguarding the payment industry.”

International Expansion via APIs

Here at Mashery, we clearly talk about APIs all the time.  While US-based companies make notable moves in the API space, there is a whole world out there beyond our borders.  All over the world, companies are opening up and exposing their data and services to spread their brand for an international audiences. 

Can't Wait Five Days for BAPI NY? Here's Five API Successes to Count Down the Days

As we pack our bags to bring the Sixth Annual Business of APIs conference east to the bustle and boom of the Big Apple, we can't help but recall all the great API success stories that the speakers at BAPI SF shared last week. APIs are moving more and more onto center stage in business. From innovation to affiliation, we saw how banking, technology, customer service, sports, media, retail and more all benefit from creating platforms for business with APIs.

Eight Reasons Why Your Mobile Strategy Requires APIs

There is a saying in IT departments that the first mobile app which IT provisions is painless compared to the experience of provisioning the second and third apps. Is your IT shop flooded with requests to support new mobile apps and strategic partnerships? If so, experts agree it’s time to invest in a secure, flexible Web API. APIs are at the center of what Gartner calls the new “extensible enterprise.”

Retail’s Newest Product: APIs

We’ve been talking about retail a lot on this blog in the past few months, and with good reason – more and more people are realizing the importance of mobile to the survival of traditional brick and mortar retail stores.  A study published a few weeks ago by Econsultancy, found that more and more young people are using mobile to shop and price compare.  The proportion of consumers using a mobile phone to make a purchase rose to 28% in 2012 from 12% in 2011 (according to the

ShopSavvy: It’s All About Options

With the holiday shopping season close at hand (can you believe it’s here already), people are looking to make the smartest choices at checkout time, especially for higher priced items like electronics. Shopping shouldn’t be difficult, right? Often, when it comes to consumer electronics and their ilk, we mere mortals face tough calls about a few things when it’s time to put our money down: will it work properly? Am I buying the best product for my dollar? Does someone else have a cheaper version of what I’m looking for?

BAPI Debate Du jour: Public vs. Private

API’s are driving tremendous innovation. This isn’t news. The news, as it would be, comes in the daily twists and turns of that innovation as we rewrite the laws, rules and mores of social interaction, ownership and privacy, etched into design and use of APIs and API architecture. Why?


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