The Campaign That Did It Again: A Conversation with Harper Reed, Dylan Richard, & Ian Dees

It’s been just over a week since the election and we were privileged to have a conversation with the Obama for America campaign CTO Harper Reed (LinkedIn title: Amazing), Director of Engineering Dylan Richard (LinkedIn title: NERD!), and Engineer Ian Dees (LinkedIn title: Engineer).

TomTom Platform Launch Features an Impressive API Welcome Mat

Mapping, geo-location and location-based services (LBS) have been at the center of platform activity since web APIs began emerging over 7 years ago.  Launching maps APIs at Yahoo! in 2005, and then writing a book about them the following year, it was clear to me that mapping was the gateway for a generation of developers integrating more than one API.

Bringing Government into the 21st Century

Last week marked a momentous occasion in my life: the first time I voted at a polling station.  I had voted in the past, but somehow, I always ended up voting by absentee ballot.  So, I was full of excitement on my way to the polls, but that waned quickly when I saw the slow and tedious process of voter check-in, consisting of copying voter’s names out of a book and onto a sheet of paper.

espnW Shatters Stereotypes at Hack Day

The typical stereotype of a Hakathon is a room full of mostly male developers building a mixed bag of hacks, with no specific theme, through a patchwork of APIs and resources.  These stereotypes were shattered at the espnW hack day which combined women, technology and sports, November 9-10 at Stanford University.

In case you missed API University and BAPI London 2012

The Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) and API University  season wrapped up in London November 6.  If you were there, you were treated to an explanation how APIs create competitive advantages in business by a number of industry experts.  Here is a look at some of the photos capturing our amazing presenters and those of you who were able to join us. 

Covering All Your API Bases in the New Year

It has been a busy year for API Management with lots of new players and new types of API products. What does it mean for APIs going into 2013? 

As a larger cross-section of businesses see the value of APIs, API management platforms will become even more important. Imperative to any API Management effort are five areas: design, documentation, analytics, access and uptime.

How are you using your API as a Product?

While attending my first Business of API’s Conference in New York City, one of the key points that stuck with me was the idea of your API being a Product.

This concept is changing the way companies in all industries think and act. Normally, companies see their API’s as an extension and support for their product, but a new wave of thinking has come about that is rapidly changing the business playing field.

Capital One Labs announces 3 new APIs

Skip Potter, Senior Director at Capital One Labs recently spoke at the Business of APIs conference in New York  about 3 APIs they have recently release into the Market: Deal API, Rewards API and Identification and Authorization(OAuth) API.

Announcing our new version of the Mashery API Management platform and a reseller partnership with Intel

Today we are announcing our new version of the Mashery API Management platform and a reseller partnership with Intel.  Intel will be offering the Mashery API portal, analytics and developer management tools, optional access to the developer network and our API strategy services and developer outreach teams. Our press release is below:

In Case You Missed BAPI New York 2012

As we get ready for the Business of APIs conference (BAPI) in London, Nov. 6, here is a look at some of the amazing photos from BAPI New York.

Hear industry experts explain how APIs create competitive advantages in business, get your tickets to BAPI London today! Be sure to and check our blog for photos from London!



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