Sara Reiner | Contributor
July 31, 2013

4 Fresh Rotten Tomatoes API Integrations


By opening up their API to the public, Rotten Tomatoes has seen a sharp increases in business partnerships and audience growth. Prior to the release of their public API, Rotten Tomatoes was only able to develop one new partnership at a time.  A lot of time and resources was dedicated to integrating their Tomatometer scores and aggregation of movies reviews into partners’ products.

Rotten Tomatoes public API has made it easy for partners and developers to create new products that utilize Rotten Tomatoes’ features.  Since Q1 of 2012, its traffic has increased 378% quarter-over-quarter.  According to Lily Liang, product manager, “Mashery has made it easy for [Rotten Tomatoes] to scale and lets us make it easy for our developers to scale.”

Below are four apps that take full advantage of Rotten Tomatoes’ public API. This list was originally compiled by ProgrammableWeb:

1)     Movie Finder is a simple app that lets users filter movies by recent releases, top rented or movie that are currently in theaters. Using Rotten Tomatoes’ API, movies with a lower Tomatometer scores fade into the background so you can focus on the best reviewed titles. Each movie also displays its Tomatometer score and offers a snippet of a review.

2)     If you’re a Comcast subscriber you may enjoy On-Demand Movie Reviews. This website displays all titles that are available On-Demand from Comcast Xfinity and links to each films Rotten Tomatoes’ reviews so you can make an informed decision about what to rent. According to On-Demand’s website, they plan on opening the service to more cable provides in the near future. 

3)     Book vs. Movie puts the friendly argument to rest about which is better the book or movie version of a work. Using Rotten Tomatoes API in conjunction with the Goodreads API for book reviews, users can compare reviews for both versions of a work to see which is actually better. 

4)     Moviis, an Android app, brings Rotten Tomatoes API right to your mobile device. The app lets users search movie titles and see which movies are currently trending. Each title’s profile is powered by Rotten Tomatoes to deliver both audience and critic Tomatometer scores and lets users read individual reviews. According to Moviis’ website the app is coming to iOS soon.

The adoption of Rotten Tomatoes’ public API is a testament to the importance of having a well-managed API program. Such an API program can help you significantly scale your business and increase traffic to your products. As we’ve seen with Rotten Tomatoes, an API is the difference between being a leading player in online movie reviews to becoming the game’s MVP.