Learn how to find the Opportunity of Data at the 2013 Business of APIs Conference in San Francisco

APIs are transforming businesses by becoming the “connective tissue” that binds our data, apps, and customer experience.  Properly managing your API and keeping up with the latest best practices will ensure that you can effectively scale your business and find new avenues for growth or efficiency. Mashery wants to provide you with the insight, tools, and information you need to succeed with your API strategy and programs. 

Get a Head Start with These Back to School Apps

Times have certainly changed, as students from elementary school through high school and beyond now have access to a tremendous amount of resources right on their mobile devices. For everyone heading back to school this fall, there are plenty of apps that will help them organize their classes, grades, notes, create flash cards, or even save them the cost of purchasing an expensive graphing calculator for those challenging math courses. If you can think of an academic purpose, there is probably an app for it.

Mashery I/O Docs - Docs That Rock

Ready to make it faster and easier for developers to interact with your API?

Mashery I/O Docs, the next generation of API documentation and exploration, let developers execute live API calls directly from your docs. Think docs meet testing and debugging, all in one convenient, interactive interface.

How to Adapt to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

Our mobile devices are rapidly becoming an extension of who we are. These devices are literally attached to us – in our hands, our pockets, or our handbags. We view our mobile devices as personal companions and even as a status symbol. The latest rumor about the iPhone 6 is that it will come in gold for that very reason.

Don't Be a SOA-Saurus! Learn How to Enable Your Business with API Management

Enterprise IT faces a new kind of tension. In the API economy, enterprises drive new revenue streams by publishing corporate data APIs for third-party developers to use. On the other hand, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is where tight governance is the name of the game. The loose coupling in RESTful web services forces a discipline all its own.  

Tackling Ideas, Challenges and Opportunities At The 2013 Business of APIs Conferences

No matter what industry you’re in, the Internet is changing your priorities. Maybe e-commerce completely changed the way your company connects with consumers, or mobile apps empowered a crop of young and fast-moving competitors to rocket ahead and connect with new markets at top speed. For the best of us, things like the mobile, social and local data revolutions made it possible for our business to move more quickly. Those companies aren’t out of the woods either, though. The truth is that they are now trying to connect with new markets but encountering uncharted waters.

Application Services Governance MQ Leaders: When SOA goes API

We are proud of a number of accolades handed down to Mashery in the past seven years. We were the company that invented API Management, the first to have a multitenant SaaS platform, the first to host a conference focused on succeeding in business with APIs, the first to achieve PCI compliance, and last year we became the first to offer business-side API packaging that lets non-IT users define API methods without writing any code. We feel pretty proud that these firsts and bests have led to such a large number of API successes with the Mashery name attached.

How USA Today's API Powers Partnerships

As one of the first media companies to open an API, USA TODAY has been able to negotiate and execute new partnerships with distributors, device makers, and agencies, faster than ever before.

Speed to Market

By having an API, USA TODAY has been able quickly bring it's content to the multitude of connected devices ranging from iPads to Samsung Refrigerators.

The Future of TV and APIs

The future of TV has been a very popular topic recently.  With Netflix putting out original content that is getting Emmy recognition, Aereo winning legal battles against the major networks, Google releasing Chromecast and Intel jumping in with its own TV service, there is more and more discussion about the end of television, as we know it. 

4 Fresh Rotten Tomatoes API Integrations

By opening up their API to the public, Rotten Tomatoes has seen a sharp increases in business partnerships and audience growth. Prior to the release of their public API, Rotten Tomatoes was only able to develop one new partnership at a time.


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