Upgrade to Gold Support & Monitoring

Customers with more stringent requirements are encouraged to upgrade to Mashery's 24/7 Gold Support and Monitoring, which includes faster response times, more telephone support, and more frequent monitoring. Either way, Mashery works with you as a dedicated partner to ensure that your API performs at optimal levels.

24/7 Monitoring

Description Standard Gold
24/7 status check Every 20 minutes Every 5 minutes
Endpoints monitored 1 8+
Notification SLA 45 minutes 15 minutes

Production Support

Description Standard Gold
Online & Email Yes Yes
Telephone support Priority 1 (P1): 24/7; P2-P4: Business Hours* P1 & P2: 24/7; P3-P4: Business Hours*
Named support contacts 1 5
Response time Standard SLA Gold SLA (2x as fast)
Semi-monthly support briefing No Yes
Escalation procedure None Custom

*Business help desk hours are 9am-5pm Pacific


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