Open Up Your Data. Be a Digital Disruptor.
Repurpose Existing Data with APIs to Drive Digital Innovation

TIBCO Mashery® can help you get there.

API Management has emerged as a key enabler of digital transformation, making it possible to repurpose existing data in ways that drive digital innovation.


API management: Powering digital transformation
Get Started with APIs Quickly
Utilize the Mashery service to go from zero to hero in minutes.
Connect to Any Data Source
Cloud apps, legacy apps, data center. It doesn’t matter; You're covered.
Manage Your API Partners
Make it easy and compelling for developers to do business with you.
Provide Secure Access to Data
You’ll sleep better without worrying about the security of your data.
Flexible Deployment Options
Manage Your API traffic in the SaaS cloud, on-premises, or any combination.
Power Your APIs with Microservices
Disruptive technology that put you in the innovation driver’s seat.
Beyond the Tools:
API Management in the Real World
Leader: Full Lifecycle API Management
Gartner Magic Quadrant
TIBCO NOW 2017 World Tour — Digital Smarter
Singapore, March 27–28; Berlin, June 6–7; San Diego, October 25–26;