A prescription for innovation

APIs are enabling companies across the healthcare ecosystem to develop innovative solutions, facilitate partner interoperability, and improve secure access to critical data. The use of APIs is becoming pervasive as companies recognize just how easily they can join the industry transformation by deploying this scalable, HIPAA compliant solution on top of existing infrastructure. API-powered solutions have the potential to reduce costs, improve processes and enhance patient care.

Conventional healthcare processes, such as interactions between payers and providers, are being optimized and new technologies incorporating patient data from remote sensors and consumer apps are becoming a reality. Even wearables and the “Quantified Self” movement would not be possible without APIs. API Management offerings are critical to the success of any growing API program because they tame complexity while ensuring security and data integrity.

API Management provides for the foundation of proven, flexible solutions across the healthcare ecosystem:

  • Healthcare Portals for Patients and Physicians
  • Agile Mobile and Web Application Development