Yellow Pages Group (Canada)


Webinar: How YellowAPI Became an Engine for Digital Transformation

Watch Brad Wing and Jonathan Levoie-Lévesque of YPG as they share how the digital transformation of Yellow Pages Group has accelerated through its open public API platform. Learn how YellowAPI allowed YPG to go from 30-page contracts to 30-second sign-ups and from 10 contracts per year to 10 contracts per month. Download the YPG case study here

Goals of API Program

  • Distribute data to any partner in seconds
  • Effectively transition a print-based company to a business model for the digital world
  • Engage and cultivate a developer community


  • $367 million in online revenue = 38% of total revenue
  • 5 million + downloads of YellowAPI-powered mobile apps
  • 30% of searches come from mobile app
  • 50+ live apps