Whispir Speaks Up and Grows Software Adoption

Whispir's customers wanted communications and collaboration infrastructure that acted like a single pane of glass, where technologies could be seamlessly integrated as a feature set within existing applications. The company needed a cost-effective solution that provided customization capabilities and fast development and delivery of solutions.  Download the full case study here

Goals of API Program

  • Build a customizable solution that is easy to manage and inexpensive to deliver
  • Enable fast development and delivery and low maintenance cost
  • Give customer the ability to provide the same set of features to their customer base
  • Generate incremental revenue from exposing standard sets of customization features


  • 3,000% increase in API usage year-over-year
  • 112% increase in API calls per day over the past five months
  • API calls currently growing at a rate of 5,000 per day
  • 30% of product revenue (and growing) comes from the API
  • Formalized practices for API packaging and developer onboarding and management
  • Developers can embed communications mechanisms, such as email, social media, voice, SMS, and others, and seamlessly bridge between them in their targeted application environment
  • Any customer-developed application can be Whispir-enabled, providing an integrated way to move data, content, and communications streams into and across multiple communications channels
  • Fast deployment of the API design, portal branding, setup, and production deployment