The Jukebox for the 21st Century

Watch as TouchTunes' Director of Platform, Colin McCabe, explains how Mashery API Management connects more than 60,000 Intel-powered jukeboxes across the country to create an ecosystem that enables IoT experiences for music lovers everywhere. 

Goals of Program

  • Create an open ecosystem that enables partners to integrate with TouchTunes' technology and create apps that allow users to control jukeboxes from any device
  • Easily manage traffic and key procurement in the cloud, allowing the company to scale quickly
  • Ensure security with payment processing by using the Mashery API Management platform, the first only PCI-compliant platform in the market


  • More than 60,000 jukeboxes deployed across the country, all controlled in the cloud
  • Big partnerships with the likes of Soundhound to expand reach, visibility, and use of the platform