Success Story: Transforming a Business without Reinventing the Wheel: APIs Keep Sensis Relevant

Sensis connects businesses and consumers through the Yellow Pages and White Pages, enabling people to find the most up-to-date and relevant information to suit their needs. The Australian company historically sold advertising products in paperbound directories. However, as consumers began turning to the Internet and mobile devices to satisfy their business search queries, so did the advertisers that were the lifeblood of the business. As the internal engineering team built a small API program, Sensis understood that in order to scale the API and make SAPI a conduit to Sensis becoming a digitally led business, it would also need a management layer to provide a single platform powering all API-based experiences. 

Mashery provides truly distributed API management with its hybrid solution. The SAPI program has seen more than 3,500 registered developers and over 50 productized applications. Developers are more and more going to Sensis to power business search, proving that the company made the right choice in turning to APIs and in turn enhancing its credibility, making it the de facto source for business information in Australia. The company has forged relationships with several large international search companies, plus it has more than 15 external publishers running exclusively off SAPI’s search engine. APIs have helped lead Sensis into a digitally led future that has already seen success with developers, partners, and customers alike. API Management provides Sensis with a single pane of glass that gives the company access and insight to that distributed traffic with reporting and analytics, as well as a single partner experience via a comprehensive developer portal so that partners, customers, and developers all gain entry to the API from the same place, no matter what twists and turns it takes to get there on the backend. Download the full case study here

Goals of API Program

  • Transition the business from paperbound directories to digital with APIs
  • Market APIs to developers and make Sensis data the de facto standard for business data in Australia
  • Quickly and easily onboard partners


  • Mashery's hybrid API management solution allows for security and flexibility
  • More than 15 external partners run exclusively off of SAPI's search engine
  • Reporting and analytics give insight into API usage, equating to increased ROI for advertisers and partners