Success Story: Keeping Consumers Delighted and Engaged with Mobile APIs

As a commerce discovery platform with a wide web-based audience, Keep wanted to be able to reach customers anywhere, anytime, all while maintaining the rich content and aesthetic qualities it has on the web. The company looked to APIs to build a dedicated, fully functioning app. Keep spent four months developing its iOS app, which was seamlessly integrated with the Mashery API Management platform in just one week. Keep uses the Mashery OAuth 2.0 Accelerator to extend secure authentication to each user with every app download. Keep launched its first mobile app, Keep Shopping, for iOS. In its first month live, Keep Shopping became one of the most popular apps in the Lifestyle category on iTunes, and the API received more than 7.5 million API calls. Download the full case study here

Goals of API Program

  • Reach customers anywhere, anytime via a dedicated mobile API
  • Deliver content and data securely in the cloud with OAuth 2.0 


  • One week time to market, allowing engineers to focus on customer experience instead of managing keys and OAuth tokens
  • 100% increase in key interaction rates on the mobile app compared to the website
  • 7.5 million API calls in the app’s first month after launch