InterContinental Hotels Group



As omnichannel distribution in the travel industry becomes increasingly part of the new world order, it is critical for large enterprises to keep a solid grasp on customers and maintain reach across travel sites and channels. With more opportunities for partnerships in the digital arena, key players like major hotel chains must create affiliate relationships that are not only mutually beneficial, but also offer unique value to the customer. As a result, many businesses are opening their vast datasets to a variety of partners using APIs to parse and select data relevant to their user base. Coupled with API management, these businesses can offer a dynamic self-service partner portal, enabling partners to create customized experience for travelers shopping on general or niche travel booking sites.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which owns 4,600+ hotels and 11 brands, used their international partner program to drive the company’s success at speed-to-market and revenue growth while maintaining customer loyalty.


  • Nearly 100 partners and counting, up from fewer than 10 pre-API program
  • 27% revenue increase year over year through the API program
  • Went from one partner per quarter to taking less than one day to onboard new partners
  • 37% increase in average order value through API program