Success Story: Reimagining API Performance: Secure Collaboration to Send and Share in the Cloud

Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) provides file collaboration services that can be configured for a wide range of needs from individuals and small businesses to enterprise. The company’s API is available to anyone who requests access. In early 2011, Hightail decided to go beyond its walls to solve API scaling challenges. By leveraging Mashery's API expertise and technology, Hightail endeavored to accelerate API go-to-market while tightening controls over API security and the Hightail brand with partners. Hightail has optimized the scaling of its API platform, and 60 to 70 percent of opportunity conversations at Hightail start with APIs. Partners are happy to be able to customize integration and use easy single sign-on. Development and implementation of Hightail's APIs are backed by Mashery's proven solutions to maintain uptime and manage failover. Download the full case study here.

Goals of API Program

  • Ensure secure traffic through the cloud
  • Find a solution with scalability baked in
  • Externalize APIs to developers and partners


  • 60-70% of opportunity conversations start with APIs
  • 70+ open APIs managed through Mashery
  • 59% surge in paid subscribers in one year