Success Story: From Small Company to Nutrition API Powerhouse: Developer Outreach as the Great Equalizer

FoodEssentials transforms raw food label information to assign additive, allergen, ingredient, and nutrient properties to each product, making up the most comprehensive database of its kind. In an age of mobile health, where 52 percent of smartphone owners gather health information from their phones, the stage was set for FoodEssentials to shine, so the company explored ways it could externalize its API. FoodEssentials chose Mashery API Management coupled with Mashery Developer Platform Services, which guided FoodEssentials to getting its developer portal up and running by providing a complete DX (developer experience) audit. After just one year, FoodEssentials receives 120 times more API calls and nearly 100 percent fewer inbound customer service inquiries since the DX audit, allowing the company to redeploy resources to building and improving its product. Download the full case study here.

Goals of API Program

  • Make API more developer-friendly and expand developer network
  • Improve branding and increase visibility
  • Increase API usage and grow strategic partnerships


  • 30+ apps built off LabelAPI
  • 300% growth in number of active keys in less than one year
  • 120 times API call volume growth in less than one year
  • Built strategic partnerships and received seed funding