Watch CEO and founder Bret Tobey talk about using Mashery for connected car flexibility and elasticity.

Carvoyant Drives Turn-key Car Data with its API and TIBCO Mashery

Carvoyant's service works across a complex range of vehicles, devices, and telco data interfaces, so that instead of having to figure out each of those components on their own, developers can have a really simple, straightforward, future-proof way of working with connected car data.

Download the case study here.

Goals of API Program

  • Connect at least 500 cars in 90 days to learn about the space
  • Decide whether to buy or build an API Management solution
  • Stay start-up lean and focused while dealing with very large companies


  • Connected the first 500 cars in 90 days
  • Launched TIBCO Mashery for very stable, scalable, easy to use API program management
  • Secured a very smooth onboarding process