As the Bazaarvoice API grew richer, it became more popular. Leading the adoption were large retailers with huge volumes of products and reviews and heavy API usage patterns that demanded a more sophisticated architecture including caching.

Increase Sales with Bazaarvoice Conversations

Bazaarvoice is the world’s largest network of active shoppers, connecting more than one-half billion consumers monthly to thousands of retailers and brands that represent millions of products and services. Its solutions help brands and retailers capture, display, and analyze consumer-generated ratings, reviews, photos, videos, and other social content about their brands, products, and services.

Goals of the API Program

  • Fulfill the needs of large retailers including a more sophisticated architecture including caching. 
  • Provide dependable traffic management for heavy API usage patterns
  • Allow engineering resources to stay focused on growing the consumer content network rather than building an internal API management capability


  • Over the course of 18 months, traffic increased 900%, from 790 million to 7.9 billion calls per month, and the Mashery platform was rock solid, scaling to meet this demand without incident.
  • APIs have become a key part of the company’s strategy, with business relationships based on them.
  • APIs have become a source of competitive advantage with customers receiving sophisticated management capabilities, including rate limiting and next-gen API SDKs for mobile developers.  
  • Bazaarvoice has begun thinking of new revenue opportunities and can focus on innovation for its customers’ success.

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