Chuck Freedman | Director, Vertical Insights
September 28, 2012

You don’t want to miss API University at this year’s BAPI


In the past, The Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) has been dedicated to featuring leaders and businesses, successful in the API space, talk of their experiences, knowledge and platform capabilities. For the first time this year, we are taking the opportunity to offer our own expertise to attendees in the form of a training curriculum we call API University. 

Starting at the Business of APIs conference in San Francisco next week (Tuesday, Oct 2), we will also host the training at BAPIs in NYC (October 17) and in London (November 6). It is a separate admission companion to BAPI that has been designed to teach API best practice in 3 areas: Strategy, API Management & Security, and Developer outreach.

We identified the opportunity to offer API University earlier this year. Mashery has been leading the API management industry for over 6 years. Many members of our outstanding team have been established thought leaders in the API space even longer.  Every project we work on, every customer we work with and every platform we help launch benefits from repeated best practices. As the space evolves, so does our expertise. And being on the front lines of several implementations, strategy sessions and developer engagements only increases our passion and knowledge of the space.

In sending so many members of our team to present this knowledge at conferences around the world, we thought why not bring it home to the one conference we know is absolutely dedicated to the business of APIs.

Despite their commitment to various projects and customers, I’ve had incredible support from many members of our organization to pull amazing content together for our first API University. Among them, our Director of Client Services, Shail Gupta, and our Director of Technical Services, Scott Farnsworth, will speak on “Foundations of API Management & Security”. These are two of the best people on the planet, who have spent their time in the trenches overseeing successful platform implementations and launches. If you’re in the planning stages of your API, about to launch, or considering optimizing your API performance, this is an essential session for you.

I’m also delighted to feature two members of our acclaimed Developer Outreach team, Neil Mansilla and Amit Jotwani, who will present best practices on “Generating developer interest and activity”. Neil and Amit attend over 80 events each year, directly engaging developers on behalf of Mashery platforms. There aren’t two guys on the planet I have worked with who can attest to the best possible ways you could get developers excited and engaged in your platform. If you are about ready to take your platform to a hackathons, or wondering how to prepare to create and/or engage a community of developers and partners, this session will get you ready.

And finally, I have the honor of representing our Strategy services team to present “Strategies that achieve platform business goals”. While every platform and business carries with it a unique set of goals, features and potential, we are often guiding our customers with some very proven fundamentals. Folks in the industry, certainly myself and many at Mashery, have an incredible passion for seeing platforms launch (and in many cases, re-launch) with a clear path towards success. This talk will give you the basics for getting your organization and APIs on the right track through discovering, establishing and achieving the business goals you set for you platform.

Join us in SF, NYC or London for API University during the morning of each 2012 BAPI event. It’s exciting to have this opportunity to share and teach the best practices that have made Mashery and our platform customers so successful.