Sara Reiner | Contributor
November 21, 2012

Tech Turkey


Are you ready for your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow?

If you aren’t sure what you want to make, the Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking allows you to customize your Thanksgiving menu, using more than 75 recipes.  Once you decide, you can create a shopping list so you know exactly what you need to get at the store. When you are ready to start cooking, simply tap the “Schedule” feature in the app and it tells you what tasks to do when, so your Turkey will come out of the oven right on time.

Some other shopping and recipe apps include the Whole Foods app.  If you have friends or family coming over who happen to have any allergies or special dietary requirements, you can search their recipe database for just the right dish. You can also enter up to 3 ingredients you have on hand and find recipes using those ingredients.

If you have some picky eaters, Gojee can give you personalized recipe recommendations from over 200 top food bloggers worldwide. You can pick and choose from the curated recipes based on things like food you have, foods to exclude, what your craving, vegan, gluten-free etc.

If you learn better by watching someone else stuff a turkey, All Recipes Video Cookbook is a virtual video cookbook.  You can watch, rewind, pause or fast forward step-by-step instructions for any recipe you choose.

If your pie crust is soggy, or you can’t remember just how many hours your turkey should be in the oven, Food52 can help. The FOOD52 Hotline app delivers fast, personalized answers from experienced home cooks and well-known food authorities. Inspired by the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, you can ask your questions 24/7.

Once you have whipped up a whirlwind in the kitchen and have food in the oven, KitchenPad Timer is an app that lets you set 9 separate timers at once. That way you can time your turkey, potatoes and gravy so everything is ready on time.

Speaking of food being ready on time, the iGrill is an app-enabled wireless meat thermometer that lets you monitor your heat and cooking times on your mobile device from up to 200 feet away, without slaving over a hot stove all day.

Don’t forget the Leftovers.  Most people will probably still have enough food leftover to feed a small army. Leftovers “4 Day Throw Away” app lets you look up storage times for various methods of food storage as well as reheating and thawing instructions.  This app is part of the 4-Day Throw Away campaign from Iowa State University Extension and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Here’s to wishing you and yours a happy and filling holiday.