Sara Reiner | Contributor
October 08, 2012

ShopSavvy: It’s All About Options


With the holiday shopping season close at hand (can you believe it’s here already), people are looking to make the smartest choices at checkout time, especially for higher priced items like electronics. Shopping shouldn’t be difficult, right? Often, when it comes to consumer electronics and their ilk, we mere mortals face tough calls about a few things when it’s time to put our money down: will it work properly? Am I buying the best product for my dollar? Does someone else have a cheaper version of what I’m looking for?

Of course, customers want to find the best deal on what they are buying. Forward-thinking companies like Best Buy want to give their customers the best options for getting the products, services, and help at the point of sale. With the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology, consumers are making purchase-based choices with their mobile devices firmly in-hand, but they don’t always have an easy way to plug those two experiences into one another.

ShopSavvy, a mobile shopping community, is here to help.  The ShopSavvy team has integrated with the amazing API offering from Best Buy. ShopSavvy helps customers find, research and buy products during their purchase experience, in a sophisticated, yet elegant way. With the integration of Best Buy’s API, BBY Open, customers looking for the latest and hottest deals, either in their local store or across the network, can find it right at their fingertips. Comparison-shopping in real time across the ShopSavvy network of stores for the best price is a snap, too. The app delivers comparisons on prices for thousands of items across hundreds of the most popular retail storefronts, all with just one tap, click, or swipe.

“Mobile shoppers are looking for a fast, seamless checkout experience, and this new interface will help us deliver that experience,” said John Boyd, co-founder and COO of ShopSavvy. “In this effort, we’re especially proud to partner with Best Buy, a company with a proven track record of technological innovation in local commerce.”

According to Internet Retailer, “couch commerce” is on the rise as one of the fastest growing consumer trends. People driving the trend are those who purchase items using a mobile device or tablet in the comfort of their own homes thanks to APIs couch surfing from user to user.

It’s a buyer’s market, literally. Black Friday has been flipped. Gone are the days where you would have to line up at a store at 11 a.m. and wait in atrocious lines for a deal, or when companies had to draw crowds to their store or websites. Apps now provide the ability for business to take place whenever and where ever and on your own terms.