Chris Lippi | VP, Products
December 07, 2012

Rounding Up Gartner’s AADI Summit – Part I: APIs in the “Nexus of IT”


Last week was a good one for APIs in Las Vegas. Gartner brought together the enterprise architecture and integration crowd for its annual Application Architecture Delivery & Integration Summit.  The annual show focused on corporate app development and the integration/API/SOA space is something central to the mobility challenges of today’s enterprise.  What I've always liked about Gartner events is that they are mostly about hearing analyst perspectives on pertinent business and IT issues, and then highlighting useful case studies of practitioners.  It's not vendor heavy.  But this year, sessions focused on Web APIs were packed with heavy note takers.  It was clear that APIs are top of mind for lots of enterprise IT pros.

The summit keynote summarized today’s IT challenges to a tee: we are fully in a world where the center of the universe is our users, each with higher expectations of IT.  Post-last decade's consumerization of IT, we must now learn to thrive in what Gartner calls the "Nexus of Forces".  It's the coming together of the really significant tech trends of cloud, social, mobile and information (big data). The idea is basically that enterprises must be able to empower their users, customers, and partners to leverage IT wherever and whenever they are and in their context. It's something we here at Mashery have been espousing for a number of years.  

One of the key enablers for technology teams delivering solutions for the nexus is the humble API.  APIs are not new, but what people are doing with them is.  In the AADI keynote, Jeff Schulman gave examples of the future of the Internet of Things, where pervasive connectivity will drive incredible proliferation of smart devices.  He spoke about his home irrigation system that has saved him 60% on his water bill and his love affair with his app-controlled Nest thermostat. These devices deliver on their features via APIs they provide or interact with.  Gartner predicts shifts like this across business will amount to:

  • A 30% jump in spending on IT application integration projects.  
  • Another striking number was that they expect 50% of mobile and cloud project costs will be related to integration.  

These are big jumps.

Next week in Part II, we’ll cover some of the specific thoughts delivered onstage at the summit, including the definition of a creature we call “SOAsaurus,” and how not to become one.  In the meantime, why not let us know how Mashery can help your API programs, and help you integrate to succeed.